Crafted from solid 14k gold, PANDORA’s elegant bracelets fuse stylish simplicity with modern luxury.


Gold Bracelets
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Gold Bracelets
C$ 1,725.00 - C$ 2,200.00

Sourced from certified refining companies and guaranteed conflict-free, PANDORA’s 14k gold is a conscious choice for a better world. Finished with a range of functional closures stamped with PANDORA’s signature logo, the precious gold bracelets are lasting carriers of your treasured charms. The highly versatile snake chain bracelets in 14k gold are classic and contemporary to wear as subtle statement pieces or to feature your edition of charms. Slender gold bangles from PANDORA’s classic collection, as well as the meaningful ESSENCE COLLECTION, feature smooth ball locks and make equally beautiful adornments that stand the test of time.