Year of the Rat

Celebrate Lunar New Year in style

Inspired by the Chinese zodiac and the traditional symbolism of fortune and joy represented by the colour red, Pandora is celebrating Lunar New Year with charms inspired by the new year under the sign of the rat. 


Capture your character in a charm

Did you know that in Chinese culture, it's considered unlucky to wear your animal sign in its year? We've got a stylish solution for all of the rats, who should traditionally be wearing red all year round to keep the lucky spirits on their side: the red woven leather Pandora Moments bracelet styled together with the Rat Charm. 


Disney loves Lunar New Year

Disney's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are getting ready for the Year of the Rat by wearing traditional Chinese outfits in red and pairing them with sneakers for a modern twist. Minnie Mouse is wearing a qipao, while Mickey Mouse is rocking a traditional jacket to join in on the celebration.