Woman wearing silver charm bracelet
Pandora for UNICEF

Charms for change

Designing for change

With nearly 200 imaginative creations received from across the world, Pandora’s design team was captivated by the thoughtfulness, clarity and hopeful spirit of children today. Elements from the drawings, such as a crayon, colourful butterflies and wings resonated with the themes of education, creativity and freedom. These thoughts provided a clear inspiration for the design of the ‘Dreams of the Future Crayon’ dangle charm.


Support young voices: for every Pandora for UNICEF charm sold between September 30th 2021 and January 5th 2022, Pandora will donate $20 CAD of the purchase price per charm to UNICEF’s work for children and young people, including education, gender equality, rights awareness, personal empowerment and civic engagement programs. All children’s art contributions and descriptions were organized and solicited solely by Pandora through Pandora’s employees across the world.

UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service