The Pandora Muses and the Makers

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Craftsmanship and sustainability

The Pandora Muses are a collective of inspirational women, whose values and goals are close to our heart. We invited them to our LEED certified crafting facilities in Lamphun, Thailand to discover the story of our jewellery. During the trip, they had the chance to learn more about our high-level craftsmanship and sustainable processes.

The Pandora Muses also enjoyed making jewellery themselves together with our craftsmen, to gain deeper understanding of the high levels of skill and attention needed to create each piece. The experience gave them the chance to see what it's like to belong to our Pandora family.

It touched my heart to see Pandora taking such good care of its employees. I strongly believe that when you create a safe, respectful and nurturing workplace environment, it gives people the chance to strive, both personally and professionally.

Halima  Aden

Something that really caught my attention is how the gold and silver used come from recycled sources. It shows just how much Pandora cares about the planet and our environment,

Larsen Thompsen

Pandora’s craftsmanship is very detail-oriented, technical and beautiful. It makes me see the Pandora jewellery I wear in a whole new light,

Margaret Zhang