Wear charms that highlight what you love with the Pandora Passions collection.

Live by your passions

What do you love?

Bring what you love into your look with Pandora Passions.

Stay lucky

Eclectic and universal, the triple dangle charm featuring the hamsa hand, feather and all-seeing eye serves a reminder to keep an open mind and embrace differences.

Furry friends

Our four-legged companions hold a special place in our lives. They're for us there through thick and thin and deserve recognition in the form of adorable dog charms that remind you of their love and devotion.


Style goals

Whether it's a fresh pair of sneakers or the thrill of a goal, wear sparkling reminders of the moments that bring a smile to your face.


The soundtrack to your life

Whatever beat you dance to, make it a stylish one with music-inspired charms.