Minimalist vs maximalist jewellery

Minimalism and maximalism are two trends on opposite ends of the style spectrum. One embraces simplicity and clean lines; the other, bold colours and prints. Whether you’re feeling minimalist or maximalist, we’re here to share tips and inspiration to create a jewellery look that speaks to your style soul.

What does minimalist style mean?

Minimalist style is all about simplicity. Simple jewellery designs and monochromatic colour schemes are the perfect recipe for a clean, understated look.
To create your minimalist jewellery styling, look for dainty designs that will add subtle shine to your outfit, without stealing the show.

Most popular minimalist jewellery

What does maximalist style mean?

The literal opposite of minimalism, maximalist style is about going all out. It’s defined by bold (even clashing) colours and standout prints. The bigger the embellishments, the better! Ignore the fashion rulebook and create unique looks that turn heads. When in doubt, think “more is more”.

How does the maximalist trend translate to jewellery? Look for bold, statement jewellery with a splash of colour.

Most popular maximalist jewellery


Pandora minimalist jewellery

Making “less is more” your style mantra? Style an understated look with Pandora minimalist jewellery.

Minimalist necklaces

Our necklace collection offers subtle designs perfect for creating a minimalist look. Whether you love sterling silver or 14k gold-plated necklaces, find a pared-back chain to wear alone or as part of a simple layered styling. You can even decorate chains with small pendants to add detail to your jewellery combo.

Minimalist bracelets

From sleek bangles to slim link chains, there are plenty of ways you can weave Pandora bracelets into your minimalist outfits. Instead of adding lots of colourful charms, we’d stick to one or two charms to keep things simple. The best part? You can switch out your charms to create a new minimalist styling each day.

Minimalist earrings

Whether you have a couple or lots of ear piercings, you can create a minimalist ear stack by wearing subtle earrings like studs and small hoops. Our Timeless collection has lots of small studs that come with added sparkle.

Minimalist rings

Simple Pandora rings add the finishing touch to your jewellery look. Choose from multiple metal finishes to find a piece that tones in perfectly with your overall jewellery styling. For a minimalist aesthetic, we love the subtle shine of sculptural pieces – no need for extra embellishment. How about wearing sleek stackable rings for a ring stack that feels unique to you?

How to style minimalist jewellery

Once you’ve found a few minimalist jewellery pieces you love, learn how to wear your pieces with our styling tips:


Pandora maximalist jewellery

When you’re unleashing your inner maximalist, harness the power of jewellery to take your look to the next level. At Pandora, you’ll find maximalist jewellery in a rainbow of colours and styles.

Maximalist necklaces

On the hunt for a maximalist necklace? Look for a chunky link chain or a bold pendant with colourful details. Choose a birthstone-coloured necklace to add a vibrant touch, or style several colourful charms on our Pandora O Pendant to create a look that’s truly create a look that’s truly yours.

Maximalist bracelets

The key to maximalist bracelet styling: layers, layers, layers. Pandora charm and tennis bracelets are made for this trend – stack as many as you dare. Tennis bracelets are perfect for adding sparkle and colour, and charm bracelets are the ultimate customisable piece: go all out with your favourite charms for a fully-loaded look.

Maximalist rings

Cocktail or statement rings are a classic choice for maximalist styles, with bold stones to add brilliance and colour. Explore our selection of statement rings – they’re eye-catching even when styled alone, but for the true maximalist at heart, try pairing them with pavé rings for even more sparkle.

Maximalist earrings

Take a look through our Pandora earrings selection and you’ll find styles with intricate details and bold shapes, ready to fulfil your maximalist earring dreams. We love pavé hoops and drop earrings with dazzling coloured stones.

How to style maximalist jewellery

Once your jewellery box is filled with statement pieces, learning how to style your maximalist jewellery is the next step. Here are our top styling tips to get you started:

Tip 2

Go all out with your charms. Put your own stamp on bracelet styling by adding as many charms as your heart desires – get creative with colour, texture and shape for extra detail.

Tip 3

When in doubt, add more layers! Stack multiple statement jewellery pieces for maximal impact.

Tip 4

For a maximalist ear stack, try combining hoops and studs with different stone colours.

Which style has won your heart? Are you all about going big with maximalist jewellery? Or do you prefer subtle, minimalist style? Either way, we’ve got the perfect addition to your jewellery box. Explore the latest releases on our New In page.