This autumn’s style trends bring sparkle, class and logos

This season it’s all about defining yourself with an understated elegance or with subtle hints of the bold. Give off a sense of regality accentuated by spirited playfulness, as seen in this season’s style trends, by adding vibrant splashes of attitude to a simple, classic outfit.

The perfect proportion

Finding that balance between sophisticated and spirited is a matter of personal preference, but who says you can’t be both. Switch it up throughout the week just to keep them wondering.

Regal Droplets Earrings, Clear CZ
No. 297686CZ
C$ 110.00
Regal Key Pendant
No. 397725
C$ 50.00
Regal Beauty Ring
No. 197690
C$ 50.00
Regal Beauty Ring, PANDORA Rose™
No. 187690
C$ 60.00
Regal Dazzling Beauty Ring, Purple CZ
No. 197678ACZ
C$ 130.00
Regal Love Key Dangle Charm, Clear CZ
No. 797660CZ
C$ 70.00
Necklace Chain, Sterling Silver
No. 590515
C$ 40.00

Undeniably girly

Satin, silk, ribbons, and lace drape over the season with a love for all things feminine. Pinks and pastels reign supreme as the colours of the moment. Flat and kitten heels exude a comfortable confidence. Silk or satin creates suggestive silhouettes. Embellish the statement with a modest bracelet from our PANDORA Shine™ collection to add a subtle aristocracy to your feminine fairy tale look.

Heraldic Radiance Earrings, PANDORA Rose™ Pink & Purple Crystals
No. 287728NPM
C$ 110.00
Pink Enchanted Crown, PANDORA Rose™
No. 187087NPO
C$ 110.00
Regal Key Necklace, PANDORA Rose™
No. 387676
C$ 220.00
PANDORA Rose™ Open Charm Bangle, PANDORA Logo Caps
No. 586477
C$ 220.00
Love Potion Pendant, Pink Crystal
No. 397705NPM
C$ 60.00
Sparkling Love Charm, PANDORA Rose™ & Pink Crystal
No. 787608NPM
C$ 110.00
Love You Lock Charm, PANDORA Rose™
No. 787655
C$ 60.00
Heraldic Radiance Charm, PANDORA Rose™ & Pink & Purple Crystals
No. 787658NPM
C$ 130.00
United Regal Hearts Charm, PANDORA Rose™
No. 787670
C$ 60.00

Keep it simple, keep it chic

Nothing exudes confidence quite like an all-white ensemble. It’s the ultimate colour, because it’s for a woman who wants to be noticed and doesn’t care about her dry-cleaning bill. An all-white look can work for a variety of occasions, and this autumn’s style trends are showing all-white, either formal or casual, is the way to make a statement. Take it to the extreme by accentuating it with white jewellery or dial it back by adding a splash of golden or silver metallic tones to the look.

PANDORA Reflexions™ Bracelet
No. 597712
C$ 75.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Dazzling Elegance Charm, Clear CZ
No. 797583CZ
C$ 60.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Logo Charm
No. 797598
C$ 40.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Sparkling Infinity Charm, Clear CZ
No. 797580CZ
C$ 45.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Heart Clip Charm
No. 797620
C$ 40.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Love Charm
No. 797579
C$ 35.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Floating Heart Charm
No. 797643
C$ 40.00
PANDORA Reflexions™ Crown Charm, Clear CZ
No. 797599CZ
C$ 40.00

Shimmer and Bling

There is no such thing as too much twinkle in 2018. Bedazzled denim skirts, sequined evening bags,  glitzy trousers, or a glittery button-down blouse, the sparkle is going to be a must-have in your autumn wardrobe. But, remember that when you want to shine, you should go all in. Add some sparkle and glamour to your wrists, fingers and ears with the new PANDORA Reflexions™ bracelet and charms you can clip on. 

Alluring Hearts Hoop Earrings, Clear CZ
No. 297290CZ
C$ 70.00
Alluring Hearts Ring, Clear CZ
No. 197729CZ
C$ 85.00
Lace of Love Ring, Clear CZ
No. 197706CZ
C$ 130.00
Alluring Hearts Ring, PANDORA Rose™ & Clear CZ
No. 187729CZ
C$ 110.00
Lace of Love Bracelet Cuff, Clear CZ
No. 597704CZ
C$ 305.00
Lace of Love Spacer, Clear CZ
No. 797653CZ
C$ 50.00

Big, bold, logos

Everything comes around full circle, and the trend of instantly recognizable logos is back with a vengeance. Gucci, MSGM, Chanel, Dior, you’ve got carte blanche to wear your favourite fashion brand right on your sleeve – literally. Wear your logo in sterling silver, PANDORA Rose™ or PANDORA Shine™, with the latest PANDORA collection.

PANDORA Signature, Clear CZ
No. 590528CZ
C$ 110.00
PANDORA Signature Open Bangle Bracelet, PANDORA Rose™
No. 580528CZ
C$ 220.00
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, PANDORA Signature Padlock Clasp, Clear CZ
No. 597092CZ
C$ 90.00
PANDORA Crown O Charm, PANDORA Rose™
No. 787401
C$ 60.00
Spinning Hearts of PANDORA Charm, Clear CZ
No. 797402CZ
C$ 80.00
2x PANDORA Logo Hearts Clip, PANDORA Rose™ & Clear CZ
No. 787433CZ
C$ 75.00 x 2
2x Hearts of PANDORA Spacer, Clear CZ
No. 797415CZ
C$ 55.00 x 2
Hearts of PANDORA Charm, PANDORA Rose™ & Clear CZ
No. 787415CZ
C$ 70.00
PANDORA Logo Hearts Clip, Clear CZ
No. 797433CZ
C$ 60.00