Pandora Shine

Pandora Shine is a golden glow and high-shine finish to transform jewellery into beautiful and lasting statements of style by uniting elements of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary trends.

Pandora Shine is an affordable collection of 18k gold-plated sterling silver jewellery. The collection is made with a new precious metal according to the same meticulous craftsmanship standards as other Pandora metals to give women more options for self-expression. Pandora Shine offers a chic, affordable alternative to solid gold and is hand-finished to perfection. The radiant collection symbolizes an exciting new design direction for Pandora, bringing together timeless, iconic pieces and of-the-moment styles, universally appealing designs that reference nature as well as Pandora’s signature series of everyday looks.

How it’s Made

Pandora Shine is created with a combination of traditional electroplating techniques and modern technology. A sterling silver core is coated with palladium before being topped with a final layer of deep, rich 18k gold. Palladium acts as a barrier between the sterling silver and upper layers of gold. Hypoallergenic palladium is extremely durable and resists oxidation and corrosion, remaining white forever.


History & Association

Pandora launched the Pandora Rose unique blend of metals in 2016 bringing together tradition and modern innovation. The lustrous precious metal symbolize individuality and personality, romance and understated luxury. The characteristic blush-pink colour offers flattering warmth that matches every skin tone. Two and three-tone designs have become increasingly popular and Pandora carries a beautiful selection of hand-finished jewellery crafted from a combination of Pandora Rose, sterling silver and Pandora Shine, creating a stylish and contemporary way to showcase the versatility and beauty of metal.

disclosure guideline

Always inform about: Purity of precious metal coating (18k gold) and the predominant metal of the jewellery (sterling silver)

Pandora uses: 18k gold-plated sterling silver


Composition of Pandora Shine


High-quality sterling silver is used as the metal core for Pandora Shine jewellery. Sterling silver has been a high quality jewellery material for more than 6,000 years. The material sterling silver is beautiful and affordable. It consists of 92.5% pure silver.


A palladium alloy is plated on top of the sterling silver and acts as a barrier between the gold and the sterling silver. Palladium is from the same group of metals as platinum; it is extremely durable and has a superior capacity of resisting oxidation and corrosion. It will not tarnish and will remain white forever. It is also hypoallergenic.


18k gold has a gorgeous rich hue. We apply a thick layer of gold plating on Pandora Shine products to increase the jewellery's strength. Some jewellery companies will only plate their jewellery with a very thin layer of gold which reduces the durability.


The sterling silver metal core is evidence of the highest quality jewellery. The 18k gold plating provides the jewellery with a deep, rich golden hue. The thicker the layer of gold plating is, the higher the durability will be.

Pandora Shine mixes the beauty of Pandora with the elegance of gold.

Perfectly encapsulating Pandora’s feminine elegance, Pandora Shine’s rich, warm golden colour and beautiful shine offer new ways to showcase personal style.

Pandora Shine opens up a new universe of styling possibilities.