One charm. A universe of stories.

Very collectable. Very limited.

Celebrating something about you for 20 years

Moments in life become our memories. These memories become our stories. 

Since 2000, Pandora charms have captured your stories. Each charm represents a universe of memories and meanings, unique to those who wear them. This year, 20 years after the release of the iconic Pandora jewellery, we celebrate by relaunching a special collection of limited edition and beloved charms from our archives. True Pandora collectors' pieces, each charm is engraved with a special 20-year hallmark. Each charm will be released on the 20th of each month and is available only until sold out. 

Pandora 2020 Limited Edition Strawberry Charm

Take a bite! The sweet strawberry was Pandora’s first-ever charm and this year it's celebrating its 20th birthday. One charm that holds so many people's stories, this is the first of a curated selection of 12 of our most loved charms, created in a very limited number for Pandora collectors. Due to limited availability, only 1 item can be purchased per person.


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A story told in 12 parts, each charm is a true Pandora collector's piece with limited numbers released each month. Collect each of them before time runs out.

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