Bring Pandora Garden into your look with daisy-inspired charms and earrings.

Wear your charms in new ways

The Pandora O Charm Pendant

Show the world your true loves with the Pandora Moments O Charm Pendant. We've completely reimagined the way you can wear your favourite charms and dangles.


"The Pandora Moments O Pendant translates the essence of Pandora into a piece of jewellery. It reflects a bold new way of expressing personal style through charms, dangles and pendants.”

A. Filippo Ficarelli & Francesco Terzo, Creative Directors, Pandora

Brand new way to wear charms

Collect your favourite charms and wear them in brand new ways with the O Carrier. Clip the carrier to your belt loop, purse or knapsack for a custom look that shows the world who you are.

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Start your story

Push the heart-shaped button on the back of the pendant to swap charms to start telling your story.

Choose your favourite finish

The O pendant comes in three gleaming metals, so you can pick your favourite one and showcase your story. Choose from sterling silver, Pandora Rose™ (14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend) and Pandora Shine™ (18k gold-plated sterling silver).

Small, medium or large?

Find your perfect size

Choose from small to medium or large to show off more of the things you love.

Pandora Moments Small O Pendant
C$ 50.00
Pandora Moments Medium O Pendant
C$ 60.00
Pandora Moments Large O Pendant
C$ 70.00
Pandora Moments Small O Pendant
C$ 75.00
Pandora Moments Medium O Pendant
C$ 110.00