Pandora Friends collection

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The Pandora Friends remind us of the whimsical side of life. Each with a sweet and unique personality, they show us that good style doesn't have to be so serious.

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  • 798763C00
    Nini the Rabbit Charm
    C$ 45.00
  • 797141EN160
    Bella Bot Charm
    C$ 75.00
  • 798340EN16
    Boo the Ghost Charm
    C$ 45.00
  • 798353EN16
    Nino the Hedgehog Charm
    C$ 45.00
  • 798695C00
    Theo Bear Charm
    C$ 45.00
  • 787141EN160
    Bella Bot Charm
    C$ 85.00
  • 767141EN23
    Bella Bot Charm
    C$ 100.00
  • 798435C01
    Out of stock
    Christmas Carousel Charm
    C$ 60.00
  • 797819
    Rob Bot Charm - FINAL SALE
    C$ 75.00 C$ 51.99

Pandora Friends friendship bracelets

Our best pals come in all shapes and sizes and each has their own unique personalities. Pandora Friends collection celebrates that uniqueness with a whimsical series of adorable 'friends' reminding us that style doesn't always have to be so serious.