Pandora ID collection

Add a personal dash of you

From our birthdays to our favourite colours, each of us has a unique personality. Express yours with letters and zodiac signs from the Pandora ID collection.

  • 768597C01
    Shining Monkey Charm
    C$ 75.00
  • 798434C01
    Sparkling Cancer Zodiac Charm
    C$ 50.00
  • 768583C01
    Shining Goat Charm
    C$ 75.00
  • 768578C01
    Shining Rooster Charm
    C$ 75.00
  • 768592C01
    Shining Dog Charm
    C$ 75.00
  • 768593C01
    Shining Horse Charm
    C$ 75.00
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