How to find your bracelet size

Choosing the correct bracelet size depends on your preferred bracelet type. Each bracelet type comes with a different set of recommendations, so please read the tips and size recommendations for the specific bracelet you’re interested in!

Use the below instructions to measure your wrist size. Next, use the size chart for your bracelet of choice to find your perfect size.

If you are between wrist or bracelet sizes, we recommend choosing the next size up.

Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelets

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
5.1 in 5.9
5.5 in 6.3
5.9 in 6.7
6.3 in 7
6.7 in 7.5
7 in 7.9
7.5 in 8.3
7.9 in 9
Wrist Size Bracelet Size
13 cm 15
14 cm 16
15 cm 17
16 cm 18
17 cm 19
18 cm 20
19 cm 21
20 cm 23
Style with up to 15–20 charms. The chain may expand a little, about 1.0 centimeter after the first year, depending on how often you wear it and the number of charms you add.