PANDORA MOMENTS | Family and friends

Symbols of your strongest bonds

From the family we are born into, to the family we choose, capture the love for those by your side with jewellery inspired by your strongest bonds.

  • 798124EN16
  • 799187C01
  • 788878C01
    Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm Gold
    Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm Two-tone
  • 791946PCZ
    Sister Heart Charm
    C$ 50.00
  • 796261PCZ
    Granddaughter Heart Charm
    C$ 50.00
  • 798825C00
    Love You Mom Infinity Heart Charm Sterling silver
    Love You mom Infinity Heart Charm Gold
  • 792072EN40
  • 791726PCZ
    Available in 2 colors
  • 799364C00
  • 799153C01
  • 796458CZ
  • 799538C01
  • 791727CZ
    Available in 2 colors
  • 797590
    Openwork Family Roots Charm Sterling silver
    Openwork Family Roots Charm Gold
  • 798016EN160
  • 791728CZ
    Sparkling Family Tree Dangle Charm Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Family Tree Dangle Charm Two-tone
  • 798015ENMX
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For those at the centre of your world

Carry all of life’s most important people and memories with you and be reminded that they're your everything with Pandora family and friends charms. Those you hold in your heart become part of your style with perfectly detailed jewellery.