14k Gold-Plated Collections

Our own unique metal blend plated with 14k gold creates a radiant and luxurious golden shimmer to our jewellery.

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A 14k gold plating

Our 14k gold-plated collections are plated with 14k gold and made with a unique metal blend at its core, creating a warm and flattering golden shade.

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The barrier between

The unique metal blend core is first coated with palladium, acting as a barrier between the core and the gold.

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Palladium and platinum

Palladium is from the same group of metals as platinum; it's extremely durable and has a superior ability to resist oxidation and corrosion, which improves the durability of our 14k gold-plated jewellery.

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14k finish

Finally the pieces are topped with deep, rich 14k gold. The thickness of the gold plating layer used on our 14k gold-plated collection products is aligned with jewellery industry standards.

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A golden moment

People worldwide have valued gold adornments since ancient times. Launched in 2018, the 14k gold-plated collection is our unique metal blend plated with 14k gold. The 14k gold-plated collection allows us to offer fans of the golden jewellery, pieces at affordable prices and gives our collection far more range with more ways to wear. Our 14k gold-plated collection marked a new chapter of self-expression in our rich history.

Oxidation and maintenance

Oxidation and plating on our 14k gold-plated collection fades naturally over time; this is normal wear and tear and should not be considered a defect. How quickly this happens is related to how the jewellery is cared for. Perspiration, chlorine, perfume and cleaning agents can all cause oxidation to fade faster. The best thing to do is follow the protection and cleaning instructions we mention.

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