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Celebrate Your Milestones

“Throughout my career and after having my kids, I realized on a new level how important it is to honor your accomplishments and love yourself at every opportunity.” — Ashley Graham

Bijal Writes Her First Book

“During my self-healing journey, I realized how many of our insecurities are formed at a young age. So I published my first book, For the Love of Laxmi, to help South Asian kids growing up in two cultures find a space and moments they can identify with. I am so proud of myself for doing it but also, so glad it's been resonating with the audience from multicultural families.” — Bijal Shah, @bijalshah

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Katya Echazarreta Becomes First Mexican-Born American Woman to Go to Space

“Becoming a role model for women and girls interested in STEM fields has been a beautiful journey. I have loved creating a path for them (and myself) into the stars! Today, I am celebrating myself with Diamonds by Pandora piece, which perfectly represent the beauty of the cosmos.” — Katya Echazarreta, @katvoltage

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Erin Embraces Her True Self

“When I decided to share with my community, many years ago, that I was queer it was received well by some and not so well by others but I was okay with that because I knew who I was and was beginning to really dive into self love. One thing I didn’t get a chance to do was celebrate that milestone. I downplayed it and never really gave my coming out the proper celebration it deserved. Being able to do that, years later, with Diamonds by Pandora is a surreal moment. So here’s to me, showing up as me everyday and loving every second of who that person is.” – Erin Garnes, @theesperanzamaria

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