Taurus zodiac jewellery

Zodiac of the month

Known for their passion and dedication, Taureans are down-to-earth and calm, making those around them feel relaxed in their presence. To match a Taurean’s ambition and determination, April’s earth sign is represented by the steady and sturdy bull and luminous hues of white, embodying strength and stability. Showcase your sign with our stunning selection of Taurus zodiac jewellery.

Look to the stars

Colour of the month

The power colour for Taurus

It’s no coincidence why Taureans are attracted to the colour white. Due to its calming and peaceful nature, pure white helps balance out emotions. And because Taureans are known for being a bit stubborn, surrounding yourself with the colour white is an easy way to stabilise your energy and purify your mind of negative thoughts. Whether you’re looking for a single piece to wear every day or you’re a Taurean who wants to make a statement, shoot for the stars with our selection of celestial-themed white charms and Taurus zodiac jewellery styles to add to your collection.


Wear your story

Each of us has a personal story to tell. Spell out the words that mean the most to you with our letter charms and wear a reminder of your passionate and dedicated nature wherever your story takes you.


Taurus birthstone-inspired jewellery

As a symbol of strength, one of the most beloved birthstones for April is crystal quartz. Crystal quartz is more than just a beautiful birthstone — it’s a master healing stone that lifts your spirits, enhances your optimism and increases your emotional energy levels. Clear, colourless and prised for its beauty, crystal quartz is the most abundant crystal on our planet. Embrace your inner Taurus with this powerful stone that represents a lasting tribute to nature.

Taurus symbols and their meaning

Each zodiac sign has a special symbol that’s associated with the mythology behind it. Taurus is ruled by the bull, symbolising stubbornness, determination and hard work. As a grounded earth sign, Taurus is the persistent provider of the zodiac, expressing the sign’s slow and steady perseverance. As an ode to nature and to weather life’s storms, other popular Taurus symbols include flowers, rain and Easter eggs. Discover our popular Taurus zodiac jewellery styles to symbolise the meaning behind your sign.

Zodiac jewellery inspired by the stars

What jewellery should Taureans wear?

When it comes to style, Taureans are experimental in nature and love taking risks. To showcase your sign, pair our 14k gold-plated Taurus zodiac dangle charm with your favourite gold chain and rock it with a demi-fine silver necklace for a mixed metal vibe. Mix and match with stacked rings and a cable chain bracelet to complete the look. Because you’re compatible with the Virgo and Capricorn signs, add in elements of both to represent your style and earthy presence. Go for gold by sporting both our Virgo and Capricorn zodiac dangle charms on your favourite necklace. Pair with gold bracelets and rings in different shapes and textures to create a style that’s uniquely your own. Looking to inject some personality into your style? The lucky colour for Taureans is pure white, which represents strength, stability and practicality. Load up your favourite bracelet with white and silver charms to create a fully loaded look that’s aligned with the stars. Add in different elements — symbolic rings, drop earrings, necklaces and pendants — to upgrade your style. Whether you choose a zodiac dangle charm to represent your horoscope or a more symbolic arrangement, there are so many styling options to celebrate your sign. Explore our Taurus zodiac jewellery styles and find the perfect piece to add to your collection.